Pendant Sparrow - Goldplated


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Pendant Sparrow

  • An intricately cut pendant and chain in brass metal.
  • 24K goldplated finish
  • Packaging: Attractive gift box
  • Made in small batches
  • Dimensions: Please see the last image.

Designers Note - By Anand Prakash

While I was a child, I would observe sparrows from our veranda, their movements and chirping were naturally synchronized. Parrots in their bright plumage, screeching by in riotous unison, would fascinate me. I would climb the Guava tree in our backyard and find numerous fruits half-eaten by them. Then, during schooling at Wynberg Allen, my brush with nature and the avian species left an indelible mark that has stayed with me till today. 

I decided to create a range with “Birds” as a theme; this was also because the urban landscape that I lived in had no space for them. 


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