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A gift set that includes our bestselling Jute Rakhi and all-natural Itr-Gulab - Rose bottled in Kannauj, the perfume capital of India.

Itr - Gulab - Rose
- Packaging: Handwoven textile pouch and a Gift Box
- Each box includes a small booklet that explains the story of Itr and the city of Kannauj
- Distilled and bottled in small batches in Kannauj, India
- Pure, without alcohol or other chemicals
- Limited nos. available as we bottle fresh itr in small batches
- Each bottle has pure 2.5g of Itr Gulab - Rose                                                                    - - Dimensions Outer box 12.60 x 14.80 x 5.00 cms 

- One Jute Rakhi, natural with no colour
- Hand-rolled and braided natural fiber
- High-quality brass, electroplated and lacquered for a brilliant shine
- Double-sided intricate brass flower with a rivet for strength

- Please note: These Rakhis are made from natural fibers, hence, will be uneven at places.

Itr Gulab - Romance In A Bottle
The bottle of Itr Gulab is synonymous with liquid gold. The delicate satin textured Gulab is an elegant co-distillation of pure rose and sandalwood oils resulting in a sillage that will leave others craving for more when you leave the room. Itr Gulab symbolizes the preservation of the wisdom of a craft that is several centuries old. It is a quiet testimony of the craftspersons’ toil. Itr Gulab is yet another signature must-have treasure from the house of Anand Prakash.

How To Apply
Open the itr bottle and use the glass applicator to apply it on the inside of your wrists. Pat together both the wrists. You can also swipe wrists on the sides of the neck or behind the earlobes.

Itr Gulab - Process
Itr Gulab is crafted using conventional hydro-distillation methods. It takes a staggering quantity of Rosa Damascena to yield this intoxicating oil. Cultivated in Hasayan, a small town in Uttar Pradesh, this variety of rose is planted and nourished carefully by local community farmers. The harvest and distillation season spans a 40-day period which begins at the end of March. The extracted rose oil is arguably unparalleled in its scent profile and is stored in thick glass bottles for a short time to settle and mature.

For more than 400 years, the Indian city of Kannauj or classical Kanyakubja in Uttar Pradesh, has been home to expert craftspersons who have nurtured, developed and evolved the delicate art of distilling exotic, oil-based, concentrated scents called Itr (as it’s known in Kannauj) or attar. The romance with these lingering, potent fragrances that began in ancient India reached its height during the rule of the Mughals and continues to pique the interest of a more global audience in the modern day.

Perfume Capital
Kannauj, the little-known perfume capital of India houses more than 200 distilleries, including traditional companies that span many generations. These coveted oils are exported to international perfume houses in America, Europe and the Middle East. The process of extracting the essential oil from natural resources is a laborious one and requires extreme skill, patience and passion. A typical day of a craftsperson working at a perfumery in Kannauj involves long, arduous hours spent at wood fires, stirring, distilling, testing and much more.

Instructions & Safety
- Keep the lid closed at all times
- Keep away from clothes as the natural itr can cause stains.
- Keep away from children.
- Do not ingest and keep away from eyes.


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