Cufflinks - King Samudragupta Ashvamedha Coin


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A pair of King Samudragupta Ashvamedha Coin replica cufflinks in brass metal from our Numismatique range. Goldplated in matt finish.

  • Design: King Samudragupta Ashvamedha Coin Replica
  • One pair
  • Material: Brass metal
  • Finish: Matt, Goldplated
  • Packaging: Tassar Silk Gift box

(Please note: These are replicas in brass with gold plating and not real coins)

About the coin
Ashvamedha Coin of Samudragupta
Inscription language: Sanskrit
Inscription script: Brahmi
Inscription transliteration: aśvamedhaparākrama
Coin minted in India
Samudragupta celebrated his triumphs in Northern and Southern India by performing the Ashvamedha ritual, which he likely did towards the end of his reign. He was proud to have revived the ritual and even minted gold coins to commemorate the occasion. 

(circa 335 – 375 CE) - Gupta Dynasty
The son of Chandragupta I and the successor to the throne was a military genius who expanded the kingdom. He conquered North India and turned his attention to the South, successfully adding a portion to his empire. The Gupta Empire under his rule is thought to have spanned from the Himalayas in the north to the Krishna and Godavari rivers in the south, and from Balkh, Afghanistan in the west to the Brahmaputra River in the east.
Samudragupta was a responsible king who followed Kautilya's Arthashastra closely. He donated large sums of money to philanthropic causes, including education. He was not only a courageous king and skilled administrator, but also a poet and musician. The many gold coins circulated under his rule attest to his talents. The Allahabad Pillar, an inscription possibly commissioned by later Gupta kings, speaks to his humane qualities.


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