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Make reading a joy by gifting yourself or your loved ones our timeless bookmarks. The perfect gift for students, teachers, colleagues, and readers of all ages that easily fits inside any book. They make for perfect wedding presents, souvenirs and business gifts.  

  • Made in India from the finest recyclable brass metal.
  • Golden brass color finish
  • Precise and intricately-cut designs in our signature style without sharp edges.
  • High-quality electroplating and lacquer for long-lasting protection and shine.
  • Attached with a golden coloured tassel encased in a brass cap.
  • A complimentary envelope for gifting.


Kathakali is a classical dance form that originates from the southern Indian state of Kerala. It is known for its elaborate costumes, vibrant makeup, and intricate facial expressions. Kathakali means "story-play," and performances depict epic tales from Indian mythology. Performers use stylized movements, including eye and hand gestures, to convey emotions and tell the story. The music and percussion play an essential role in setting the rhythm and mood of the performance.

Training for Kathakali can be intense, with some dancers undergoing up to 8-10 years of rigorous preparation. The dance form has been recognized and preserved as one of India's intangible cultural heritages. Kathakali represents a unique blend of traditional dance, theatre, and religious drama, creating a distinct artistic expression. Although traditionally male-dominated, women have also begun performing Kathakali in the modern era. The vibrant art form continues to evolve, attracting audiences worldwide, and is seen as a symbol of Kerala's rich cultural heritage.


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