Vintage tie ‘n’ dye paper from 10 years ago

Posted on January 14, 2012

This is a picture of the wrapping papers that I used to do once upon a time in Delhi. It was tie ‘n’ dye on paper, I did it with water and colors. After folding and submerging them in water the joy was in opening it and watching the design take shape through the complex merging of colors and shades. No two pieces were alike and I did not have control on the design or the spread of color within thepaper. I did get my hands dirty and it was like wearing jewellery with all that color on my hands.
Those were the days….when I made a shirt out of this tie ‘n’ dye paper to wear in a program called Style Police on Channel V and that was 10 years back.
These days I feel that in trying to be an entrepreneur, I have been losing that blatant creative streak!

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