On the streets of Old Delhi

Posted on July 11, 2016

Today being an off, I decided to visit old delhi aka Delhi 6 to look for some inspiration. Many years ago, I regularly visited its by-lanes and forged lasting relationships. 

I took an auto-rickshaw and crossed the iron bridge aka “lohe ka pul”. The traffic is chaotic but there is energy in the air with people going about their daily chores. An open air ride gives me the opportunity to soak in the sights and sounds of this historical place. 
Most of old Delhi is around Jama Masjid. The famous Meena Bazaar is now a ramshackle market selling everyday goods and scrap metal. My inspiration today was in these by-lanes and very soon I will share the new range of products. 

I have known Vicky and his brother Shyam from the time I was a regular visitor here. At that time, they were surprised to hear that I stitched their coconut and sea shells on handmade and recycled paper; It was odd because these were mostly used on bags and furnishings. When I first met them, I was surprised with the volume of coconut shells in their warehouse, shells in innumerable shapes and sizes; I wondered where they managed to get so many coconuts from!

Till today, even after 16 years, I am still their loyal customer. My style has always been to buy from one supplier, I believe in nurturing relationships and growing together in tandem.

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