Hand-woven Cotton Journal With Prints in Vegetable Dye

Posted on December 31, 2011

Journals by Anand Prakash 

An exquisitely hand-stitched journal with fifty blank pages in mill-made paper. The cover is made from handloom cotton printed with vegetable dyes. The cloth is made directly from raw-cotton in the villages close Handloom Cover Journalto cotton fields combining traditional Indian principles of cloth making with modern small-scale technology. It avoids baling and un-bailing of cotton by heavy machinery and unnecessary transport. It has a beautiful texture, is soft and keeps its shape for ages. Handloom weaving is today the largest non-farm employer in the country, and mostly rural at that. Each region has its particular weave, and that’s the beauty of handloom. The hand-woven cotton has prints in vegetable dyes.

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