Embossed note cards – Lets say Thank You!

Posted on November 11, 2011

Dictionary meaning of Thank you: used to tell someone that you are grateful because they have given you something or done something for you.

While thinking of a positive note to start this post on our new range of note cards, I realised that in todays world we often forget to say thank you for little things that matter, our fast paced lives are fraught with such situations where we brush past them without a backward glance. I am no saint and I too have my thank you’s to say.

So lets say the magical words to people who have really helped us, been with us, inspired us, loved us un-conditionally, helped us through difficult times, etc. etc. You don’t need our thank you cards to say themWinking smile

Thank you cards

The inspiration to design this range of boxed notecards was my love foHandmade Cardsr stationery, I thought to myself, “Why not say it with style.” The joy of eliciting a smile is the greatest. Before I design most of my products I try and imagine if I would love to use them.

The papers that I have used are all Italian (Sorry! for the deviation from handmade). I think designers need to explore all mediums and not limit themselves to just a few. People do not have the wherewithal to do it hence it is our duty to design for everyone. Actually a lot of my clients have been asking for Boxed Note Cardsstationery with clean lines, embossing, etc. I have also experimented with bright colours instead of the white, ivory, gold and beige. Notes should be lively and cheerful. I have been doing a lot of personalised stationery for some very special people encompassing the above techniques and materials.(more on personalised stationery later)

Every person that purchases a product from our online store receives a thank you and feedback note. Just like my work, I also want my customers online experience to be impeccable.

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