Another reason why I love my work

Posted on October 31, 2014

It is one of those rare days when I picked-up the company phone directly and Vineeta on the other line asks if we do wedding cards, I nearly said no because officially we have not done a card in years. She tells me how much she loves our bookmarks which she regularly buys from our airport stores. I felt an obligation and a connect to at least meet the family to see what they have in mind, I usually try every rule in the book to dissuade people from coming to us for wedding cards for the very reason that our priority now is retail, corporate and institutional work. I finally meet the family, seeing their enthusiasm and love for beautiful design we decide to work on a wedding card for them.

On our next meeting Vineeta tells me that 12 years ago she had picked-up a scrapbook from “The Next Shop” which she decided to keep for her daughters wedding pictures. She unsealed it last night after 12 years in preparation for her daughters wedding and on the last page there was a small label that said  – Anandz Creation. Till today it never occurred to her that its the same company that started with pieces of art in paper and later added metal to its repertoire. I decided to do my best for them without knowing that they have been buying my work since the last 12 years.

Its Karma that brings us together and Its such an awesome feeling.

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