A gift for Anand Prakash

Posted on July 16, 2016

Through my work, I have met people that have gone on to become friends, customers and die-hard fans. They have taken out time from their busy schedules to come visit us in our studio in sleepy Shahpur Jat. At times my work comes to a standstill because I have had beautiful, intense and long conversations where time has flown. I am intrigued and in awe of my fans, patrons and well-wishers because their reaction towards my work is mind-boggling; after all these years I am still trying to comprehend and ask myself why? Their genuine love for creativity has no bounds and the one trait that I see in most of them is “passion” and it reflects in their conversations.

To all of them, I have only one thing to say: You are my inspiration and the reason why Anand Prakash is ticking and raring to move ahead with innovative and creative products that have a soul and story behind them.

Smrite is one such person; she brought this handmade gift especially for me. Thank you! Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised! 

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