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An exclusive gift set for writing Ram Naam. Each gift box contains a silk notebook along with a goldplated pen and pen stand. 

Gift Box Content:
  • One blank A5 size handloom raw silk bound notebook(mill-made lined pages) to write Sri Ram Naam
  • One goldplated brass pen
  • One goldplated brass pen stand
  • One bookmark
  • One gift box for the above
  • Dimensions: Please see last image
About The Range: From Anand Prakash
Inspiration springs from unexpected moments.
During a temple visit in Mylapore, Chennai, I was transfixed by the sight of a woman writing endless lines of Ram in her weathered notebook. The aura of tranquillity that shrouded her as she went about her meditative practice of putting pen to paper was a reminder that focus is also a form of prayer. A beautiful word in Sanskrit, एकाग्रचित्त/ēkāgracitta (pronounced ekaagrachitta) meaning ‘unwavering focus’, came to mind. Modern life with its innumerable distractions has eroded the human mind’s ability to remain attentive to a single task at hand. It struck me how the simple practice of reserving exclusive time each day to fill a page with Sri Ram’s name would contribute in a small way to reclaiming that attention, that single-minded focus and that very elusive discipline.

A prototype of this journal was filled with Ram naam in record time by family elders in their distinctly different and appealing handwriting. This led me to dream of several millions of individuals around the globe engaging body, mind and soul in this prayer-like activity, bound to each other by habit and belief in a single, powerful script, Ram.

I have long since been fascinated by the Ramnamis, a small sect originating in Chhattisgarh, for the aesthetic beauty of the Ram naam intricately tattooed on their bodies and the stunning calligraphy on their clothing.

I have recognised over time the significance of the peace that the repetitive nature of a positive activity brings to my life. A sense of well-being that is indescribable.

These and many other lasting impressions have inspired the Sri Ram range of offerings from the house of Anand Prakash.

Red Raw Silk Notebook
  • Cover: Handloom Raw Silk
  • Paper: Mill-made paper from Sweden, wood-free
  • Page type: Lined, hand-stitched
  • No. of pages: 144 pages (72 leaves)
  • Pages GSM: Approximately 100 gsm
  • Fountain pen friendly: Yes
  • Size of notebook: A5
  • There will be slight variation in handloom silk.


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