At Anand Prakash, we collaborate with a diverse range of individuals, businesses and institutions, offering bespoke gifting solutions that cater to their unique needs. From customized, branded gifts for events and conferences to lightweight, travel-friendly items that encapsulate the essence of India, our extensive selection of designs ensures we have something for everyone. We provide an all-encompassing service, taking care of every detail from conceptualization, design, and fabrication, right through to delivery. We strive to create memorable gifting experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Australian Consulate Corporate Gift

Australian Consulate-General, Mumbai

Customised School Souvenirs

Souvenirs & School Memorabilia - Wynberg Allen, Mussoorie

Corporate Gifts
Corporate Gifts - Customised Packaging
IIT Kharagpur
Customised Bookmark Aman Hotels
AMAN Hotels - Customised Bookmark
Bank Welcome KIt
Kotak Mahindra Bank Welcome Kit 
G20 Summit - Kotak - India UK Financial Partnership Meet Folder
Kochhar & Co - Global Meet Personalised Gift Box
RBI Museum, Kolkata - Customised Souvenirs
Anand Prakash Customsied Box
Grasim, Aditya Birla - Customised Gift Box
IIM A Customsied Gift
IIM-Ahmedabad - Customised Memento For The Graduating Class
Customised Printing Anand Prakash
Consulate General Of India, Milan - Gandhi Bookmark
Customised Bag and Journal
Max Square - Sustainable Gift & Bag
Images Silk-Screen Printed
The Hindu Lounge - Silk-screen Printing on Handloom Textile
Bookmark Gifts
Airtel - Bookmark 
BRICS Summit - Customised
Bookmark with logo
Australian Consulate-General - Customised Gifts
Gift Box
IIFL - Gift Box
Gift Box
Gift Box
Penguin India - The Golden House, Salman Rushdie Book Launch 
Modern School, New Delhi - Festive Gift Box
Udaan - Gift Box
Wedding Gifts
Wedding Gifts - Customised
Logo Gifts
The Hindu - Logo Bookmark
The British School, New Delhi - Customised Gifts
Kotak Mahindra Bank - Customised Printing
Festive Gift Box
Kotak Mahindra Bank - Festive Gift Box
Customsied Bookmark
JCB Prize For Literature, India - Customised Bookmark
Khaitan & Co - Customised Printing
Sustainable Gifts
The Hindu Lounge - Customised Products 
Customised Corporate Gifts
GVK Bio - Customised Gift Box
The Hindu Gift Box - Customised Gifts
Customsied Bookmark
Ezeego - Customised Bookmark
Bookmark in metal
Arcesium - Customised Bookmark
TOYOTA - Customised Gift
Economic Laws Practice - Customised Bookmark
Customised Logo Gifts
iWave - Customised Logo on Bookmark
Customised Gifts
Zoroastrian Return To Roots - Customised Bookmark
Wynberg Allen School - Hymn Book
Wynberg Allen School - Customised Gifts
Customised Envelopes
Envelopes For Bookmarks

Corporate Customers Of Anand Prakash

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