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Welcome to a world of thoughtfully curated delights from Anand Prakash, designed especially for the reading enthusiast in your life.

This exquisite gift box includes a selection of items crafted with care and creativity. Enclosed, you will find a stunning metal bookmark to elegantly mark your page, and a durable stoneware mug paired with a rubberwood coaster for your favorite brews. Also included are a small journal and a notepad, both made from recycled paper, ideal for jotting down thoughts and reflections. To complement your writing experience, we've added two handmade pencils. A paper bookmark and a set of beautifully designed notecards complete this collection, making it the perfect gift for anyone who cherishes the written word and the joy of reading.

Gift Box Content

  • One ceramic mug
  • One circular rubberwood coaster
  • One brass metal bookmark shaped like a stack of books
  • One blank softbound journal with a tree motif
  • One tearable recycled paper notepad
  • One paper bookmark made from old vintage newspaper
  • Five small notecards with envelopes in recycled paper
  • Two handmade pencils made with authentic vintage newspapers
  • One gift box for the above
  • Dimensions: Outer box 27.50 x 14.00 x 10.70 cms

Please note: All paper used in the box and the gifts is wood-free and 100% recycled from cotton rags. The technique used in the paper is Paper Marbling.

For the joy of reading books...

Reading books is a deeply enriching experience that offers an escape into other worlds, lives, and perspectives. The joy of reading lies in the subtle thrill of turning each page, anticipating the twists and revelations that await. 

Books are silent companions that speak volumes, providing solace in their steady presence and endless knowledge. They stir the imagination, challenge thoughts, and open the heart to new emotions and experiences. 

Whether it's the quiet contentment of a rainy afternoon spent with a compelling novel or the satisfaction of finishing a challenging treatise, books offer a unique pleasure that transcends the ordinary, enriching the mind and soul with every word absorbed.

Paper Marbling - Technique used for the gift box and envelope paper pattern

It is a method of aqueous surface design that can produce patterns similar to smooth marble or other kinds of stone. The patterns result from colour floating on either plain water or a viscous solution known as size and then carefully transferred to an absorbent surface, such as paper or fabric.



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