Photo Album Silk Red - Flower


Size: Small 20.8 cm x 14.0 cm (photo size: 4x6 inches - 40 photos)
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The old-fashioned way to store your memories.
A handloom red raw silk bound photo album with an intricately-cut brass motif. Made with 100% recycled and handmade paper. Our silk textile and eco-friendly papers are sourced from village co-operatives across rural India.

  • Small - 20.8 cm x 14.0 cm (photo size: 4x6 inches - 40 photos)
  • Medium - 22.8 cm x 18.4 cm (photo size: 5x7 inches - 40 photos)
  • Large - 23.20 cm x 31.50 cm (photo size: 5x7 inches - 80 photos)
  • Number of Pages: All album sizes - 20 pages (40 sides)
  • Cover: Handloom Red Silk
  • Pages: Black recycled handmade paper
  • Translucent Pages: Act as a page separator, mill made paper
  • Packaging: Gift box in black paper
  • Dimensions: Please see the last image.

Tip: For sticking pictures, use double-sided TISSUE tape, these are available at most of the stationery shops. 


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