At Anand Prakash we believe that sustainability is a journey that takes long term commitment and effort. The effort to pay attention to what we have already achieved and the future commitment to what remains to be done. This is a journey that has been possible because of the engagement of our customers. A journey that requires all of us to question everything we do and how we do it, to constantly improve and go further, that is the journey we are on.

It is easier said than done; the commitment for using sustainable resources and materials starts right at the top and is ingrained in the philosophy of the company. We are not perfect, but we are consciously working towards bettering ourselves by caring for the environment and the world around us. Our long-term commitment is to create an Indian luxury brand that cares for the environment and works towards a more sustainable future for the planet earth. 

Our Past

A decade ago, when Anand Prakash started designing, he only worked with 100% recycled and wood free paper, handmade in rural village units of Kalpi(Uttar Pradesh), Jaipur and Bengaluru. His organization sourced hundred and thousands of sheets of handmade paper thus saving scores of trees. These papers are recycled from waste cotton rags sourced from the textile industries of south India. 

With time, the demand for sophisticated stationery and mill-made paper journals increased and he started using a few papers that were sourced from Italy and Sweden. Most of these papers were sourced from paper mills that used chlorine free pulps and certified sustainable forest resources.

Anand Prakash spent a major part of his childhood in the hills of Mussoorie, his education was at Wynberg Allen, a boarding school nestled between hills and a stream flowing by. Nature has always been his primary inspiration in the ranges that he designs.

With a strong urge to do his bit for nature, he started using recycled papers and upcycled wood in the packaging of his luxury products. 

Now, focusing on his online store, he has decided to use recycled papers and boards for packaging his products for shipping across the world. The new packaging may not have the luster and shine of an old luxury company, but it brings out the commitment of Anand Prakash to use environmentally responsible and sustainable materials in his products and packaging.


Most of the raw materials used to make our products come from nature, mostly plant and mineral resources. Many of these materials are not renewable therefore we are committed to accountability through our supply chains. Our priorities are to preserve our scarce natural resources by sourcing from responsible and sustainable channels.

Upcycling is the art of transforming a product no longer in use into an entirely new product with enhanced aesthetic or functional value.

 Picture above: Wooden trays for packaging made from discarded wood sourced from scrap dealers. The wood was originally used to package heavy machinery that was imported into India.


Complimentary Gifts & Envelopes Made From Waste 

At our fabrication unit, we do not throw away our wastepaper cuttings and left-over material, instead, we use these to create gift tags, note pads, envelopes and coasters that are distributed as complimentary gifts with our online orders. We continually take on new projects to reduce our residual waste and give a second life to production leftovers.

Picture above: Gift tags made from wastepaper generated at our fabrication unit

Picture above: Envelopes made from strips of wastepaper generated at our fabrication unit


Product Packaging

Over 95% of our product packaging is recyclable and sustainable. A majority of which is 100% recycled and wood-free. We consciously prioritize the use of recyclable materials and use plastic only where necessary to safeguard from damage due to dust or liquids.

Online Orders - Packaging For Shipping

We have consciously decided to make our packaging for online orders completely wood-free and made from recycled paper. You will find bits and pieces of recycled cotton rags, old newspapers, Jute rags and natural straw fiber embedded in our papers. This is not a defect but the beauty of using recycled papers. Each sheet is handmade in rural village units thus removing the use of major machinery, chemicals and tree pulp. In 97% of our packaging, we have discontinued the use of plastic bubble wrap and replaced it with recyclable corrugated paper. 

Our shipping boxes are lightly sealed so that our customers can reuse them to send their own packages.

Our commitment: 0% single use plastic by 2025

Picture above: Recycled paper boxes for shipping online orders

Handmade Paper

Handmade paper is a layer of entwined fibers held together by the natural internal bonding properties of cellulose fibers. The beauty of this paper lies in its texture, composition and making. In India, the main raw material is cotton rags sourced from textile units in south India. Cotton fiber bonds well to form paper. A variety of raw materials are added to give it texture, color and smell. For example, jute, mica, straw, banana fiber, metallic yarn, spices, newspaper cuttings, cow dung, silk, a multitude of natural fibers, flowers, leaves, old ropes, canvas, linen, etc. In fact, anything can be used if it has fibers capable of forming a continuous sheet. Handmade paper by its character shall always have minor variation in shade, thickness and density of embellishments in each lot.

Handmade paper is made by village artisans, using cotton rags sourced from textile units in south India. The papers are woodfree and 100% recycled.

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