Notebook Softbound - Humming Bird

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A Humming Bird themed softbound journal with the cover in handwoven cotton textile. It is the perfect space for writing your thoughts, ideas, dreams, and adventures. Crafted by experienced artisans and made in limited numbers, our journals are handmade with the highest quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

  • Cover: Bound with handwoven cotton textile
  • Cover print: Humming bird
  • Binding: Softbound cover
  • Paper: 100% recycled, wood free handmade paper sourced from rural units
  • Page type: Blank, hand-stitched
  • Pages GSM: Approximately 120 gsm
  • No. of pages: 100 pages (50 leaves)
  • Writing: Use a ballpoint pen, pencil or gel pen
  • Perfect for writing, doodles and sketching
  • Size: 12.30 x 17.80 cms

The pages are made from recycled jute fiber and have not been treated with any color or dye; they get the off-white shade naturally while the jute rags are being beaten into pulp to make the paper.

Designers Note: Humming Bird

Hummingbirds symbolize joy, resilience, and beauty. Their radiant colours and nimble movements celebrate life's vibrancy, while their long migrations despite their small size reflect determination and overcoming challenges. They also signify love and good luck in many cultures. 

A hummingbird-themed gift embodies these qualities, conveying wishes of happiness, strength, and unique beauty to the recipient. It can also acknowledge an appreciation of nature. 


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