Journal Handloom Cotton - Fish Motif & Bookmark

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Our cotton journal is the perfect space for writing your thoughts, ideas, dreams, and adventures. Crafted by experienced artisans and made in limited numbers, our journals are handmade with the highest quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

  • Size: A5
  • Paper: 100% recycled, wood free handmade paper sourced from rural units
  • Page type: Blank, hand-stitched
  • No. of pages: 144 pages (72 leaves)
  • Paper texture: Rough, handmade
  • Writing: Use a ballpoint pen, pencil or gel pen
  • Fish Metal bookmark: Complimentary
  • Dimensions(cm): Journal 21.1 x 14.3 cms

The cover is made from handloom cotton. The cloth is made directly from raw cotton in the villages close to cotton fields combining traditional Indian principles of cloth-making with modern small-scale technology. It avoids baling and un-bailing of cotton by heavy machinery and unnecessary transport. It has a beautiful texture, is soft, and keeps its shape for ages. Handloom weaving is today the largest non-farm employer in the country, and mostly rural at that. Each region has its particular weave, and that's the beauty of handloom. 

The pages are made from recycled jute fiber and have not been treated with any color or dye; they get the off-white shade naturally while the jute rags are being beaten into pulp to make the paper.


Fish hold profound cultural and philosophical significance across various traditions. Symbolizing fertility and abundance, they are revered for their representation of prosperity and renewal. Eastern philosophies, particularly in Chinese culture, view fish as emblems of harmony and balance, resonating with Yin and Yang principles.

Native American traditions honour fish as sacred entities, embodying wisdom and a deep connection to nature. In Hinduism, the fish is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, symbolizing transformation and the sustenance of life.

Ancient Egyptians linked fish to Hathor, the goddess of fertility, while in Japanese culture, koi fish represent perseverance and strength, admired for their determination to swim against currents.

Philosophically, fish are often seen as metaphors for the unconscious mind, reflecting depth, mystery, and the exploration of the unknown.


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