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Posted on April 24, 2010

Monotone“Monotone” – A new range of  handmade cards, bookmarks, journals and stationery.

Monotone is a range of products with Images hand-printed by silkscreen in single tones on  100% recycled and handmade paper.


Maharaja Collection

Sepia Handmade Card Maharaja Card Indian King Monotone (11)

Delhi Auto Card Qutab Minar Mumbai Taxi Gateway of India

Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen was the medium of choice for printers for quite a while. It is even possible to screen print photographs but that requires special inks and technique. Let me share Monotone (3)a secret with you: Lots of companies in India who advertise block printed fabrics and textiles are actually screen printing them as block printing is expensive and more specialised. With the advent of new printing technologies, screen printing  has seen a steady  decline in the past few years and slowly it is fading into oblivion. Lately, automatic machines have replaced printers hands. I have a full-fledged unit where we do specialised work, trying new things everyday. Click here to read more about screen printing.

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