15 year waste project

Posted on April 8, 2015

15 years ago I sat down to make my first greeting card and since then its been a creative journey that has brought me joy, happiness and recognition. I experimented with recycled paper and created a fine range of stationery along with other lifestyle products.

During this journey my work generated a lot of scrap and left-over paper which I was not willing to discard or part with. We have been saving odd pieces of paper and wastage at our fabrication unit since the year 1999 and collected them in a hope to recycle and reuse sometime in the future.

With time, my passion for paper turned into a full-fledged business and I had lesser time for creative projects, every time I decided to do something with these papers, something or the other would come up and I would again forget about them. This went on for 15 years till one fine day in March of 2015; I decided to make good use of this stockpile!

I believe art can be created from waste and this is my ode to mother nature. This pack of note cards with envelopes is steeped in history and eco-friendliness and a testament to my commitment to reuse and recycle. These are complimentary and distributed to customers buying products at our stores.

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