Spice Paper and Card

Posted on September 21, 2009

Paper with real spices entwined in its fibre.

Spice_paper 001

I have been working for quite a while on this paper and finally it has seen the light of day. The process started from my affair with stationery inspired from spices. It will be perfect for a restaurant menu and I have in mind a wide variety of designs. The paper featured here has bay leaf embedded in the fibres of the paper, this is a combination of 100% recycled cotton rags and bay leaf and is wood free.

Featured below are a few pieces of our spice range:

The handmade card with chilli and cloves has been around for 9 years and still very popular.

Handmade Recipe Book Handmade Spice Card

Spice Stationery_2_8931_09 ACE-1 ACE-1B

Christmascard_with_bayleaf spice

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