5th of June project–The countdown begins

Posted on June 3, 2014

It always begins with an idea and then the work starts. You build up on this idea and while this is happening, many new thoughts join in to ultimately create a work of art. After the initial idea, its time to take a call on the process and development that we will follow, we need to understand if this is feasible during the manufacturing and fabrication process. We need to visualise the complete product till its in the hand of the consumer. Many complications arise during the process and we need to improvise, sometimes we need to sacrifice important parts of the idea so that they stay feasible for the latter processes.

Every one can design a great piece and do a sample but the challenge lies in manufacturing or fabricating it in numbers. That’s where are speciality lies, we have honed our skills during the last 15 years to do exactly this. We churn out thousands of pieces with the same consistency and quality, its comes with experience. All our units are set, we have craftsmen and suppliers who have been with us for a decade now.

The countdown for the 5th of June has begun, its time we shared a little of our story that went into this project. To start with here is a picture of the room we created with newspapers. This was just to get my team excited to do something creative with the 5th of June newspapers. The newspapers have been attached in such a way that they can be removed without any damage. We will eventually be using them in our products once our existing stock of the 5th of June papers has been exhausted. I call that recycling for a purpose.

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