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Journal cover made with handloom cotton, dyed with Natural Katha(also known as Khair or Acacia Catechu. For centuries, Katha in India was used for its ayurvedic properties and is also widely used in betel leaf. Katha as a dye produces a natural brown colour.

  • Cover: Handwoven cotton textile sourced from village units
  • Cover Fabric: Naturally dyed with Katha
  • Paper: 100% recycled, wood free handmade paper sourced from rural units
  • Page type: Blank, hand-stitched
  • Paper texture: Rough, handmade
  • Writing: Use a ballpoint pen, pencil or gel pen
  • Large journal: 144 pages (72 leaves)
  • Small journal: 100 pages (50 leaves)

The cover is made from handloom cotton. The cloth is made directly from raw-cotton in the villages close to cotton fields combining traditional Indian principles of cloth-making with modern small-scale technology. It avoids baling and un-bailing of cotton by heavy machinery and unnecessary transport. It has a beautiful texture, is soft and keeps its shape for ages. Handloom weaving is today the largest non-farm employer in the country, and mostly rural at that. Each region has its particular weave, and that's the beauty of handloom. 

The pages are made from recycled jute fiber and have not been treated with any color or dye; they get the off-white shade naturally while the jute rags are being beaten into pulp to make the paper.

Please note: There may be minor imperfections in the textile as it is handwoven on looms and on the papers as they are handmade from recycled cotton rags. These imperfections are natural and add beauty to the product as each piece is unique.


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