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Make reading a joy by gifting yourself or your loved ones our timeless bookmarks. The perfect gift for students, teachers, colleagues, and readers of all ages that easily fits inside any book. They make for perfect wedding presents, souvenirs and business gifts.  

  • Made in India from the finest recyclable brass metal.
  • Golden brass color finish
  • Precise and intricately-cut designs in our signature style without sharp edges.
  • High-quality electroplating and lacquer for long-lasting protection and shine.
  • Attached with a golden colored tassel encased in a brass cap.
  • A complimentary envelope for gifting.
  • Dimensions: 6.08 x 5.09 cms

The invention of the camera and photography has had a profound impact on human society and culture. Photography has allowed us to capture moments, memories, and stories, and has become an essential tool for documenting history, science, and art.

The camera has also become an instrument for self-expression, enabling people to capture their own perspectives and experiences, and share them with the world. Photography has given voice to countless social and political movements, and has become a powerful tool for activism and advocacy.

Photography has also played a significant role in science and technology, enabling us to capture and document scientific discoveries, medical conditions, and natural phenomena. It has become a vital tool for research and exploration, allowing us to explore the world in new and innovative ways.

In addition to its practical uses, photography has also become a form of art, with photographers using the medium to create stunning images and convey powerful messages. Photography has opened up new creative possibilities, allowing artists to experiment with light, shadow, composition, and perspective, and to capture the beauty and complexity of the world around us.

Overall, the camera and photography have become integral parts of our lives, shaping the way we see and understand the world, and enabling us to capture and share our experiences and perspectives with others.


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