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Make reading a joy by gifting yourself or your loved ones our timeless bookmarks. The perfect gift for students, teachers, colleagues, and readers of all ages that easily fits inside any book. They make for perfect wedding presents, souvenirs and business gifts.  

  • Made in India from the finest recyclable brass metal.
  • Golden brass color finish
  • Precise and intricately-cut designs in our signature style without sharp edges.
  • High-quality electroplating and lacquer for long-lasting protection and shine.
  • Attached with a golden colored tassel encased in a brass cap.
  • A complimentary envelope for gifting.
  • Dimensions: 5.04 x 7.86 cms

About Dabbawalas - Mumbai

The Dabbawalas of Mumbai are a dedicated network of lunchbox carriers responsible for delivering home-cooked meals to thousands of people across the city. Established in 1890, this intricate system relies on Dabbawalas who expertly navigate the city's streets and railway networks. Marked by a unique coding system, the lunchboxes are transported with remarkable efficiency and accuracy, earning the Dabbawalas a Six Sigma certification. Their success is attributed to strong teamwork, discipline, and a commitment to preserving their cultural heritage.

The Dabbawala system was established in 1890 when a Parsi banker employed a man to deliver his lunchbox, or "dabba," from his home to his workplace. Soon, others took notice of this simple yet effective delivery system, and the demand for Dabbawalas grew.

The Dabbawalas of Mumbai serve as an inspiring example of how traditional methods can achieve exceptional results in a modern, fast-paced world. Their unwavering commitment to delivering fresh, home-cooked meals with remarkable efficiency is a testament to the power of human ingenuity and the importance of preserving cultural heritage. As the city of Mumbai continues to grow and evolve, the Dabbawalas will undoubtedly remain an integral part of its fabric, symbolizing the strength and resilience of the city and its people.


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